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 Sent....(let's think about next phase)!

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Sent....(let's think about next phase)! Empty
PostSubject: Sent....(let's think about next phase)!   Sent....(let's think about next phase)! Icon_minitimeMon Jul 23, 2007 2:00 pm

this is the mail i sent to Alla & Gaber after sending the presentation coz the forum was down,....i put it here for any1 else wanna check it out:

i know it's not the perfect presentation,....some colors may seem awful,...the background could've been better,...esra2 gonna kill me for making it blue, the name isn't included whether directly or as a puzzle....etc.

but really that's the best i could do in such circumctances

this is the version i sent:

but i sent it in 2007 format coz the size is less 1.7 or sth ,....& i wrote a note about thet asking them to inform us if there's a problem & they wanna read it in 2003 so i can re-send it to b read on 2003 (i mean this one) .....& i also said that we'll need to show it on the presentations' day on 2007....!!

sorry if it's not as u wished,....but really that's what i could do,....i tried my best......!!!

& ISA we'll meet on tuesday to:
make the final modification on the slides (the name & the effects)
make the rehearsal
arrange the video issue


while writing that i got a reply from meca saying:

please send the team name, and the whole team members by the name which will be desired to be printed on the certificates


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Sent....(let's think about next phase)!
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